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Category Archives: Personal

Serenity Now!

This winter my husband Pete and I move to Hampshire, IL.  It’s just far enough to enjoy peaceful living without being so far I can’t continue on with life as I knew it.  I truly love this area.  I see these beautiful trees in the snowfield everytime I drive home.  It’s great to work hard […]

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What does “Success” look like?

Today I came across this image and thought this pretty much nails it on the head.  When you own your own business the road to success is not a clear, straight and easy path.  It is quite the opposite.  When I started my business 7 years ago I had no idea what was in store […]

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My Little Einstein!

Okay I have to brag a little bit…..sorry!  I just found out that my nephew Lucas placed in the top 1% of  gifted children in his age group.  The TOP 1%!!!  The school psychologist said that usually gifted children have IQ test scores that go up to about 145.  Lucas’s score was 148!  The psychologist […]

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