I fell in love with photography 30 years ago when I traveled to Italy for the first time and brought my camera.  Since then I have studied with photojournalist Paul Akerman in Venice Italy and fashion photographer Dean Berdusis in Chicago.  Both experiences have helpmed me develop my style of photography which I would simply describe as a perfect marriage of the two.  I originally started out shooting weddings in 2006 and have since then gravitated towards Portraiture & Personal Branding Photography.  I love visually telling people’s story through photography.  I also love capturing milestones in a family’s life.  It’s rewarding to see these families grow over the years and become not only clients but friends! 

In 2015 I had the pleasure of filming and producing my first documentary film entitled “That’s A Lot of Songs“.  It was truly a labor of love and a beautiful tribute to my father, Frank Caruso.  Sadly my father passed away in 2019.  He was the most amazing jazz pianist in the world and an even great father. 

I encourage you to check out my site & my blog to see what else I’ve been up to lately.  If you appreciate my style and think we would be a great match I would love to hear from you!

Thank you!


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