Brad & Mirela are Married!!

Brad & Mirela’s story starts at their first jobs after college.  They met at an outside sales company in Oak Brook, IL in 2004.  They started on the same day and went to sign up for the company’s health insurance plan.  While the plans were being explained to them Brad asked the HR rep why the women’s plans were more expensive.  He explained to Brad that women had more …..”plumbing”.  When Mirela laughed Brad knew it was meant to be.

While filling out their paperwork Brad noticed Mirela’s birthday was a  year before his. At the end of their first day they walked out together and in typical Southside fashion Brad shouted “see you later grandma!”  Smooth move Brad!!

After days of trying to get her attention without much success , their paths crossed again when leaving work.  As they walked towards their cars that night they exchanged looks and there was a moment of magic!  Mirela jumped into her Audi A4, blonde hair blowing in the the summer breeze, and Brad climbed into his 1998 Doge Minivan.  After 3 attempts to start his car, the radio came on with REO Speedwagon “I can’t fight this feeling” and Brad took it as a sign.

They started dating and have been inseparable ever since!  Even at times traveling 5 hours one way on the weekends to see each other when Brad was opening up a company in St. Louis.

Brad proposed in June while they were on vacation in Croatia.  They stayed at the La Meridian on the coast (where Mirela spent her childhood).  Brad proposed on the beach at sunset!  It was so romantic.  He had dinner waiting at the swanky hotel restaurant filled with roses and champagne!!

On June 18th they were married downtown at the Assumption Catholic Church.  The reception was at the ritzy W Hotel!  It was a great day filled with lots of fun!!  I’m so happy Brad & Mirela included me in their special day and I wish them all the happiness in the world!!  Here are some of the highlights!

Dress – White Chicago

Bridesmaids Dresses – Bella Bianca Bridal

Cake – Sarah’s Pastries & Candies

DJ – Spin Productions

Flowers – A Stem Above

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