Heather & Ken are Married!!

On July 6, 2013 Heather Schultz & Ken Klassman were married!  They met back in junior year of college at the University of Illinois in Champaign at a house party.  Heather thought Ken was cute so she decided to give him a red solo cup to break the ice and the rest was history.  They have been together now for over 6 years.  A few years ago they bought a house together in Northbrook that they humorously call the “Money Pit”.  Heather’s mom said that if their relationship could survive the renovation of that house it could survive anything!  Ken proposed to Heather on Friday the 13th back in January of last year which they still laugh about to this day.  I had a great time shooting their lovely wedding.  You can tell that Heather & Ken love to make each other laugh and that their relationship is definitely built upon humor.  Their wedding day was filled with emotion, humor, love and FUN!!  I truly enjoyed every minute of it and I wish Heather & Ken much happiness and humor for many years to come!  Here are some of my favorite moments of their day!

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