Revisiting my Old Stomping Grounds….Beautiful Arizona!

In October of 2011 My husband, Pete, and I decided to visit family in Arizona.  I wanted to show Pete the beautiful state that I grew up in!  My family moved from Arizona to Chicago in 1983 so it’s obviously been a while since I’ve lived out West.  I have paid Arizona a visit or two since then but on this trip I really got to remember what a gorgeous state I grew up in.  When you’re young you obviously take all the natural beauty for granted and upon returning this time I really appreciated how majestic that part of the country really is.  I also got to see it for the first time through my husband’s eyes since he’s never been to Arizona before.  While out there we got to explore Canyon Falls, Tortillas Flats (this old town out in the middle of literally nowhere), and the old mining ghost town (Goldfields).  Traveling and taking pictures is one of my absolute favorite things to do but when we got to take it one step further and fly to the Grand Canyon with Pete as our pilot I was so thrilled and proud of him to say the least.  We flew from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon in a little over two hours!  It was AMAZING!  With the help of our new friend and pilot instructor, Kevin, it was a day that we will never forget and cherish forever!  Being up in the sky overlooking such beauty is awe inspiring!  We also took at road trip to the Sedona area.  We went almost to Flagstaff and made our way down the mountainous area to beautiful Sedona where we once again decided to go up the air for a better view.  We took a helicopter ride over the city!  We just can’t get enough flying I guess.  We finished out our trip visiting the Unviersity of Phoenix state of the art stadium which was fun!

I’m really happy we got out there to see my grandma & grandpa too.  They are getting up there in age and I’m just happy we got to spend some quality time with family as well!  My grandpa just turned 90 in December!!  Wow!!

Here are some of the images we took on our unforgettable trip!  I hope you enjoy them!  Keep traveling and seeing the world!  I believe it truly keeps you young!

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