What to Wear for a Professional Headshot!

My ultimate goal of a headshot session is to capture the best image of my client that conveys their personality, approachability and their professionalism.  It is also very important for me to capture them authentically.  What does that mean?  That means I capture flattering images of who they are in real life.  If they are someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup I’m not going to ask them to load on the makeup for their professtional headshot or wear something out of their comfort zone.  I can still capture professional & amazing shots while they stay true to their own style & personality.  That being said there are some ways to make you look your absolute best for your session and I always share these with my clients before their time in front of the camera.



1. Wear Well-fitted Clothing…PLEASE!

It’s so important that you are wearing clothing that fits you during your session.  Nothing says success and professionalism more than a tailored outfit.  During a professional headshot session I like to do close ups of my client and then I also like to photograph the upper part of their body.  In these cases it is vital that your clothing fits you impeccably.  Nothing looks worse on camera that oversized and frumpy clothing.  I can fix alot of issues in Photoshop but loose fitted clothing isn’t one of them.  I tell my clients to bring multiple options to the shoot and to try on your clothing before the shoot.  Make sure everything fits and there are no areas where it’s too tight or loose.  If you’ve recently lost weight you may need to go and purchase another outfit for the shoot.



2. Choose the right Colors

Knowing what looks best on you is important and it always starts with skin tone and eye color. The colors you choose for your images convey a different message as well.  Light and airy is more approachable and caring while darker colors convey more of a “down to business” appearance.  Both are great options depending on what messages you want to send.  Opt for more neutral colors however like black, , white, grey or navy blue.  Avoid colors that are too similar to your skin tone.  Those tend to wash the skin out a bit.  I am always here to help you pick the best colors for the backdrop we are using.  That’s why bringing multiple options for the shoot is important.  I have multiple backdrop options to make your attire look it’s best.  I also love a splash of color somewhere as long as it’s understated.  Of course it goes without saying that neon colors are a big no no! Karen above chose a small amount of blue as her accent color and this photo was used in her article for Forbes Magazine!



3. Here’s where I’m supposed to tell you to wear Solids and not Prints

Normally it’s best for most people to wear solids instead of prints during the shoot.  The reason for that is the main focus of a headshot is supposed to be ….well you’re face.  As you can see above however a couple of my clients decided to go out on limb and wear some fun bold colors and some prints and quite frankly it worked for them!  As long as you have a well coordinated backdrop color I can see if it “works” for you too.  Again this is why bringing multiple clothing options is great.  If you want to try something out of the box you can do that while also capturing the typical conservative & safe look as well.



4. Accessorize Appropiately

During the professional headshot session I usually say less is more.  You want to accessorize according to the look you want to portray.  If you use a bold jewelry piece make sure it’s the only one you use.  Mixing bold earrings with bright bold necklaces is just way to much of a distration from your face.  I love a beautiful jewelry centerpiece in a professional headshot image however.  It just adds that extra statement and allows you to show off your personal style!  Along with bringing in a couple top choices you will want to bring in jewelry options as well.  I’m always helping my clients mix the right piece with the corresponding top. Sometimes my client will send me pictures of the combinations they are thinking of and they get my opinion ahead of time which works too.


If you follow these guidelines and bring in options during your shoot you will walk away with amazing images you can use for your business website and social media with confidence! I will be doing another article on hair and makeup tips for your professional headshot session as well.  Stay tuned for that!

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully in the near future I can capture amazing shots for you as well!


Deonna Caruso Photography – Featured in Forbes Magazine, Vera Wang Unveiled, Downbeat Magazine, Chicago Social Magazine, Modern Luxury Brides Northshore, Chicago Style Weddings, Cress Creek Living Magazine….. and many more!





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