“Analea” Record Release Concert!

On June 5th, 2012 I was honored to photograph the record release concert for my dad’s latest album “Analea”.  The famous Jazz Showcase in Chicago hosted the concert and needless to say it was a packed house and big hit with both the audience and venue owners.  What a cool place to listen to jazz!  People loved the concert so much that the owners of the Jazz Showcase invited my dad and his band back for another concert sometime in the near future!  It was a thrill capturing it on camera and listening to the awesome music!!  I always love hearing my dad play!  The band sounded amazing together that night!  The band included Frank Caruso on piano, Jim Massoth on saxophone, John McLean on guitar, Bob Rummage on drums, and Larry Kohut on bass.  The original CD included the great Eddie Gomez on bass however he was out of the country at the time of the concert.  This is one of the best jazz albums I’ve ever heard and I’m not just saying that because my dad is in the band.  It’s truly a work of art and has been getting very good reviews!  If you are interested in purchasing the album through itunes you can visit this website:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/analea/id502023462.  My sister Christina Caruso and I collaborated on the cover art as well!  I took an image of the piano in the recording studio and my sister, Christina did a painting overlay on the image.  I LOVE the cover of this album!  Click here to view it & listen to a sampling of the tracks!  One of my personal favorites is Sixth Sense and it was written by my father, Frank Caruso.   Enjoy the highlights from this wonderful night!

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