Jaime & Lola!

On August 31st I photographed the lovely Jaime Wills with her beautiful horse Lola!  Jaime has been riding and competing for a few years now and she’s a natural with her horses.  What an experience!  I have never actually photographed anyone with their horse before so this was a little new to me.  I’ve photographed people with their dogs, cats.. but never a horse!  The session started off a little “shaky” as the bugs and a stray dog where distracting Lola but after a while she got in the groove and started to relax and I was finally able to capture some great moments between the two of them.  Lola is such a majestic beauty!!  I had the best time shooting this sundown session with Jaime and Lola at Judgement Farms where they board some of their horses!  What a great place and a great experience.  I’m really looking forward to doing more equestrian shoots in the future.  Thank you Jaime!  You look so beautiful in these shots!!  Here are some of my personal favorites!  Enjoy!

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