Supina & Peter Tie the Knot!

On Saturday, August 11th Supina Mapon & Peter Jaeschke were married at the lovely Museum of Contemporary Art!  What a great day and two wonderful people!!  My second shooter, Christina Wehbe, and I started off at the Park Hyatt taking some fun getting ready shots of the bride and groom.  Then we headed outside for some great bridal party shots before heading over to the museum.  The weather could not have been lovelier for their special day and I was so happy for them.  After the beautiful outdoor ceremony we took some formal family shots on the stairway of the Museum and then headed inside for some great shots of the bride & groom around the museum.  What a fun place to take shots!!  Supina & Peter were game for going around the museum capturing some very unique shots and it was a blast having most of the museum to ourselves to do just that!  After that the festivities began!!  There was a cute presentation giving some background on Supina and Peter as children and then the story of how they met and feel in love!  You could feel the love and admiration all of their close friends have for the two of them after hearing the heartfelt speeches.  After that dinner was served and it was just an amazing culinary experience!!  Peter loves to cook so I’m sure he wanted only the best for their wedding dinner.  After that there was cupcake consumption and dancing until the wee hours of the night!!  I really enjoyed being a part of this wedding day celebration and am honored that Supina & Peter chose me to document their wedding day!!  I loved everything about this wedding and here are some of the highlights of the day but before you dive into the images please read about how each one of them describes meeting their future mate!!  Supina & Peter…thank you, thank you, thank you and I wish you both all the love and happiness two people can have!!  Enjoy!!

How I Met My Future Wife

We met in September 2009…but not for the first time: two years earlier we were invited to the same dinner party by our good friend and groomsman Alan Huang.  Supina was a full-time MBA at Kellogg, holder of two U.S. patents and a former Idaho state spelling bee champion.  I clearly had a long way to go to impress her!

Fortunately for me, we did meet again two years later and have not looked back since, sharing our love of music, the outdoors and art.

However, my troubles did not end there. Having planned the proposal and a six course dessert tasting (I’m sure many of you know that Supina has the palate of a five-year old) at Providence in Los Angeles, the engagement almost did not come off.  After a long week of travel, Supina asked that we reschedule her birthday dinner for another day.  We argued.  We negotiated.  I won.  I then dragged her half asleep to the restaurant, getting lost on the way, and finally back home where I was able to pop the question . . . but not before realizing that I had forgotten where I had hidden the ring and not before she fell asleep on the couch.  Happily, I found the ring and she woke up.  The rest is history.

We are look forward to seeing you at the wedding and are excited you can be part of our story as we embark on the next phase of our live together.

How I Met My Future Husband

I once thought that I wanted to meet the following:  1. vigilantes 2. costumed super heroes 3. pirates 4. ice cream tasters.  Then I met Peter, who is none of the above yet greater than the sum of everything above, and realized what I was really missing in my life was a six foot five and three quarters inch former Eagle Scott extraordinaire who finds six hour operas calming.  I’m sure Peter never expected to end up with a Thai Lilliputian from Idaho either, but that’s how it goes.

Peter and I met in 2007 at a dinner party right before I started business school.  Despite some impressive eye batting and vigorous hair flipping, Peter wasn’t too impressed the first time around.  I realized I needed more chops to get him to notice me the next time we met – so I decided to get my business degree.  Meet again, we did, and our union has since taken us on numerous adventures (one incident involving a bag of beef jerky opened downwind from a mama Grizzly and her two cubs), a number of very VERY long hikes and the ultimate ride of our lives.  In addition, our symbiotic relationship has reaped multiple benefits – I keep Peter alive on our adventures and he completely obviates the need for a step stool in the house.

We are thrilled that you can join us in August and want to thank everybody for their love and support.


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